A simple open source self hosted VPN solution?


I am looking for a simple VPN solution that I could host myself on a VPS. Perhaps @Vulpix, or anyone, could point me to the right direction.

The main use-case for the VPN would be defeating geo-blocks of certain service providers, especially Netflix. Maximum security is not a concern, as it would not be used for delivering nuclear missile launch codes or anything. Just VPN server that would be easy to setup, maintain and usable on a wide range of devices. Potentially I would also share the resource with some friends or small groups.


  • Simple installation, easy to administrate.
  • Simple management of user accounts, GUI preferred over terminal.
  • Authentication could be plain username/password combination - no need for certificate keys or anything.
  • Good client device compatibility - it would be ideal if the native operating system PPTP clients could be used (Ubuntu/Linux, Windows, mobile devices would be a plus)

I don’t have any experience in self hosted VPNs, OpenVPN or anything else, so before start extensive reseearch on the topic, I would appreciate any tips and recommendations.


How about using SSH natively like a socks5 proxy?


  • secure - since the all of the redirected traffic will go through the SSH protocol
  • native to linux so possible on pretty much any VPS host
  • can be used natively from linux, on windows you need something like putty - 0 installation, simple-setup opensource software which you probably are familiar with already

How to do it? Simply connect to your VPS system via SSH and tunnel a dynamic port of your choice (preferrably >1024, so for example 12345). Then, (for example in firefox) - options->advanced->network->connection and set proxy to “socks5” by selecting the radio button and ONLY filling out that one last input box - point it to localhost and the port you previously opened and hit OK.

All of the traffic - including DNS requests and everything - is now going through SSH to your VPS and from there to whereever you are trying to go; in effect it looks as though you are browsing from that IP.

I personally use this method since putty requires no installation and works very well - and ssh is by default on all the VPS hosts and requires no further configuration server-side.


Oh yes, that is an option. I have even covered the SSH SOCKS tunneling here: