Affordable VPS hosting

That’s insanely cheap. I’m currently running my server @ and as you can see, the appropriate server there is €20, and it’s even limited on bandwidth!

Do they have IPv6 availability? I’m considering switching.

I decided to split this to a separate topic, as web hosting is a rapidly evolving business and always an interesting topic.

Regarding Scaleway’s IPv6, some of their offers do have it, but not all. Couple of things need to be pointed out:

  • ScaleWay uses ARM or Intel Atom cores. They say their servers are custom built cigar pack sized boxes, which makes them energy and physical volume efficient. Thus they are cheap. But Atoms are way slower than Xeons and the cores, to my knowledge, are not hyper threading.
  • ScaleWay is new and there are some rough edges, but they are a subsidiary of, which gives them credibility.

What kind of payload do you have?

I love Digital Ocean for their simple dashboard, extremely high reliablity and customer service. Their low end offerings are great, in the 5-10$ range, but they get pricey if you scale up. Highly recommended, if one seeks trouble free hosting.

But if heavy lifting is needed, then OVH gives a lot of bang for the buck. They are cheap and use top of the line Xeon cores. So if you need strong single core performance, they are worth a look. I switched to ScaleWay due to the large SSD, as this forum platform generates a rather huge database.

I’m running a simple dns-like service (with lightweight api) + a tox node (think of it like a relay server for an onion network, but with not much traffic). I was using DO’s $10 plan, but I moved to Scaleway’s €2.99 plan (without VAT). It has ipv6 as well as ipv4 and plenty of speed for my needs. Thanks for the tip! I was contemplating other services but I don’t think anyone will be able to trump this price.

Scaleway benchmark of the VC1S:

Benchmark Report

Overall, I’m really happy. The 2GB RAM and 2 cores make up for the base platform being intel atom (avoton). I cannot complain at all.

IPv6 is also available and works fine. Speeds are faster than I thought!

Yeah, it really depends whether your payload needs high single core performance or not, I think. This forum platform is highly CPU intensive, but I think this work OK with ScaleWay. But if only 10GB’s of SSD is enough, then is definitely worth a look.

As an update, I definitely can’t complain. Scaleway does everything I need and costs a lot less than DO. On top of that, I also have a bigger disk, more ram and unlimited data limit! Very happy with their services so far - and of course, the cost. Almost makes me sad I don’t have something else to host.

Yes, Scaleway has been problem free here as well. I also started yet another side project on Scaleway. As mentioned before, single core performance is slow and I think disk I/O on a slow side as well, but the amount of resources is great, price cheap and so far no concerns regarding scalebility.

I measured and the disk I/O is indeed on the slower side, which is interesting since they say they use SSDs. It’s a lot slower in comparison with DO’s SSD, that’s for sure.

They use something they call “local SSD”. Their servers are cigarette pack sized small boxes, so the SSD drive is unlikely inside the server’s housing. Therefore they are not directly connected to the servers but reside somewhere around their data center.

Gravedigging an old topic. While we still promote Digital Ocean, for their excellent reliability and friendly dashboard, this little site now runs at least temporarily on (CX11)

CPU model:  Intel Xeon Processor (Skylake, IBRS)
Number of cores: 1
CPU frequency:  2294.608 MHz
Total amount of RAM: 1939 MB
Total amount of swap:  MB
System uptime:   26 min,       
I/O speed:  969 MB/s
Bzip 25MB: 3.39s
Download 100MB file: 128MB/s

The Bzip time indicates single thread performance, and ~3,4 seconds is a very nice number. The SSD is small at 20 GB, but there is 2GB of RAM to go with that CPU. Runs Discourse very nicely, for small communities.