Basically, full details are here:

Seems to be a somewhat reputable company, they made another console called “GPD XD” before and people seem happy with the device.

I’m considering buying one of the GPD WIN’s, especially since it pushes all of my buttons (so to speak, ha).

64GB internal storage (eMMC 4.51)
5.5" multi-touch ips screen (720p)
Intel Z8550 Cherry Trail (refresh from 2016Q1, exciting)
USB 3.0 port, sd card up to 128GB supported
1 year warranty

gamepad/omron switches for gaming (should be possible even on an atom considering that it’s cherry trail and not bay trail like linx/lamina)
apparently supports linux as well, and the uefi is a 64bit one, so MAYBE even windows 7 if you’re adventurous?

I’m not sure if it’s okay to post this here but I think it’s pretty exciting for portable device lovers like us !


Thansk for bringing this up - I was not aware of this kind of form factors even existing. It’s like the vintage Nokia Communicator, but this time with PC/x86 based hardware and functionality. Couple of pointers though:

  • 5.5" is extremely tiny and Windows 10 UI is not optimized for such screen size. The Win10 UI is just barely usable on the 7" tablets.
  • There are rumors of similar concepts (5-6", x86, Windows 10) but with phone functionality, a.k.a. the Surface Phone. Of course it will be in totally different price category.

As a web admin, something like this would be interesting in pocket size - would be very useful for making emergency fixes on the road.


It’s an UMPC - they were a niche equipment even back in their hayday - but before they could even begin to get some traction, they were utterly killed by smartphones and tablets.

Fair point about the UI; sounds like you’d need a stylus to use the screen. 5.5" is very small indeed.

This video shows their previous device, the GPD XD - the screen is going to be about the same size I assume… so while the resolution is more than good enough, I agree that 5.5" is going to be, shall we say… interesting.

I guess my main interest in this device is to have an ultra portable computer that is using the modern cherry trail cpu and doesn’t have ultracrappy specs (4gigs of ram is pretty decent). I wish I could use my linx for all this but the problem with fast user switching is killing my joy.


Yeah, as a web administrator a pocket size PC has it’s appeal for me as well. Would be useful for emergency server maintenance while on the road, due to the integrated keyboard and a proper operating system (I would prefer Linux).


Due to the proper 64bit uefi bootloader on this machine, it is possible to install linux on it. It is technically possible to install linux even on the 32bit machines that have 64bit architecture (like our good old linx/lamina), but it’s a lot more annoying and complex to do so.

The manufacturers of GPD said that linux will work on the device without issues (although I do believe they’ll need to supply some special drivers for the extra omron switches and joysticks).

See the confirmation here (unfortunately indiegogo page doesn’t allow me to link a specific comment, so a picture will have to do):


Another update on the GPD - this time pretty cool (at least for me) - inclusion of a dual-band wi-fi chip! Meaning that not only can you connect to the 2.4GHz, but also to the 5GHz wi-fi networks which are often used in enterprise environment. For example I have a dualband router at home, and I have a 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n + 5GHz 802.11n/ac and I have to use the 5GHz band because there are simply too many 2.4 networks around. But none of my portable devices see it - only my work laptop. And now hopefully the GPD WIN as well! I am very tempted to get one now.