HC Encoder


In the old days we were also providing a home for the famous HC Encoder, a high quality freeware MPEG-2 encoder by Hank315. As a result there are still of lot of old links around the Web pointing to hcencoder.bitburners.com. It is the best companion for the DVD-ReBuilder backup tool, providing similar or better quality than costly commercial alternatives (such as CinemaCraft’s encoder).

HCenc is a full-featured MPEG2 encoder.

Main features of HCenc:

  • easy to use GUI
  • SD and HD resolutions are supported
  • input via Avisynth or DGIndex
  • 1-pass or 2-pass variable bitrate (VBR) encoding
  • automatic or fixed GOP structure
  • scene change detection
  • total control over quantization matrices
  • supports multiprocessing
  • 23.976 → 29.97 pulldown
  • and a lot more…

You can download the latest version 028 (dated 08-May-2015) from here, but be sure to check Hank315’s website for an occasional update.

HC028_08-05-2015.zip (2.1 MB)