How to enable Netflix full HD (1080p) on Linux

We all love Netflix, but did you know that when using a computer for playback, you only get the quality you are paying for by using Windows 10 Edge or the Netflix app from the Windows store? Google Chrome, Firefox and others restrict you to 720p resolution (HD Ready) and a lower bitrate. If you are seeing all those blurry artefacts, especially in dark scenes, when watching a movie on your PC, then this is the reason.

Fortunately there is a solution available that you can use with the Firefox browser. This is crucial for Linux users, who have no other way of getting the best possible video quality, but it works also on Windows if you are not a fan of the Microsoft Edge browser.

How to enable Netflix 1080p quality on Linux using Firefox

1. Get Firefox

Firefox is included with most Linux distributions, but if you do not have it then install it from your package repository. On Windows you need to download it from the Mozilla website.

Note that if you have already used Firefox for Netflix, then it is essential to clear browser cache and cookies before you continue. Netflix stores video playback related information to your local cache and we don’t want that to enable 1080p playback.

2. Switch on the Firefox DRM video playback setting

Go to Preferences and search for “DRM” to find the switch.

3. Install the Netflix 1080p extension

Using Firefox, get the Netflix 1080p plugin to enable full quality video. It will ask for permissions to alter the Netflix related data, which you must grant.

4. Test your configuration

The Netflix program library has a “show” labeled Test Patterns. It offers various test videos to test you setup for audio and video related issues. Most importantly, it shows the actual resolution and bitrate you are getting.

Using Firefox, click link below and start playback. Let it run for a while and observe how the bitrate and resolution are gradually increased as the download buffer is filled. If you have subscribed to the standad plan, 1920x1080 is what you should get, with a bitrate of 5800kbps.

And there you have it!

Excellent full HD video quality on Linux and you are finally getting what you are paying for. As said, this also works on Windows, if you wish to use privacy conscious Firefox rather than Microsoft Edge. Enjoy!

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