How-to: Flash .ISO images using Etcher (Windows/Linux/Mac)


I am a big fan of software that does one thing right. Etcher follows this minimalistic principle being an application specialized exclusively in writing disk images to removable media (USB thumb drives or SD cards). It has a clear user user interface and excellent UX design, helping the user to avoid critical mistakes such as wiping your hard drive with the image. Usage is dead simple:

  1. Choose an image file.
  2. Choose a target device.
  3. Flash. Optionally Etcher will also perform a verification of the write.

Etcher supports a lot of image file formats and I have never witnessed it making a bad flash (ie. USB not booting as expected). Etcher is free, open source and available for all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, Apple Mac.

Overall it is a fantastic little tool and highly recommended. Download from

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