Hplip "checksum", and "can't open" errors


Hello everyone. I’ve no problem downloading hlip, using the downloader. It gives me 3.16.11 (I’m running LM17.3) but my big problems appear when I try the sh command… Iget the following error messages.
Can anyone help me, please?

Error in MD5 checksums: a379dde38113b8ca77e6eda28b87a41f is different from c40e5c832369e4f4e3747503c5567cd3
[email protected] ~/Desktop $ sh hplip3.16.11.run
sh: 0: Can’t open hplip3.16.11.run


Linux Mint 17.3?

Why do you need it in the first place? Just run hp-setup in terminal mode (interactive mode) and follow through the installation process. hp-setup is included with Ubuntu/Mint.