Linx 7 hard wired to a router and internet speed test



Here’s a YouTube video showing the the performance of the Linx 7 running hard wired to the Internet via a USB to NIC/LAN adapter.



In the video you say you have your linx hooked up to a usb 3.0 ethernet card. It’s sort of misleading because linx doesn’t have a usb 3.0 port. It supports usb 3.0 but unfortunately the port is just the standard usb 2.0 micro-b, not the usb 3.0 micro-b (or better yet usb type-c which I wish they used instead…), so you can never actually get usb 3.0 from it. Damn shame…

Still, usb 2.0 should be more than enough as long as your connection is not more than the max theoretical speed of usb 2.0 which is 480Mbps


It’s not misleading. I was simply stating that the device itself was USB 3, I do the same with regard external drives in other videos. Anyone at all technical who has a Linx will know it’s specification, and if they aren’t in anyway technical or aren’t bothered, then my tests probably won’t be of any use to them anyway.

The point being made was that the Linx is faster on a hard wire than wifi and the adapter is worth using for anyone using the Linx for data serving. Or using it as a desktop or a TV smart device with fast internet connections.