Linx and Lamina 7/8/10" tablet owners thread - drivers included!


Thanks for that. I’m wondering (not being an electrician!) whether the Linx would take a slightly higher charger output without damage.


Today I ordered a 5v 3a charger for the Linx. I’m curious to know whether the charging system will make use of the extra potential.
I’ve had the tablet shut down most of the day today, and on charge. Despite the charging light being on it hasn’t charged at all. It only seems to charge once the battery has gone completely flat, and then it takes 15 - 18 hours to charge again. It doesn’t even maintain the battery levels, never mind charge when it’s switched on.
We’ll see what happens when the new charger arrives next week. I’ll update this thread then.


In a typical smart phone, the charging controller circuitry is in the battery itself, or possbily in some cases in the phone. But to my knowledge, never in the charger (not an expert either). This is why different phones are able to pull different amps from the same charger.

Not sure if this valid for the Linx 10 though.


Indeed, and this is exactly what I’m wondering; whether the battery or the tablet would, given the opportunity, draw more than the OEM charger/power adaptor is able to provide.


Well then, that seems to answer that question. The 5v 3amp charger arrived today and is currently plugged in and charging while I am typing this on the Linx. Not only is it charging, it’s doing so faster than the Linx is using power.
Don’t understand 1/. Why the makers found it necessary to supply such a weedy charger and 2/. Why no-one has thought to try this before. A cheap and simple solution to an annoying problem.
I’ll post again later with a longer term report.


Quick update. The new charger seems to charge the battery properly to a real 100% from flat in about 3 - 4 hours. Because the battery is properly charged it lasts quite a long time. I’ve been using the linx on and off most of the day and it still shows 58% on the battery.
For anyone interested in trying this out for themselves, the charger I bought is a Danelo, model SS-DA - 050300A. 5 volts 3 amps 2.5mm x 0.8mm barrel tip with a +ve centre.


Well, that is good to know and a valuable piece of advice for Linx 10 owners - apparently it ships with an under powered charger. I am fairly certain that the reason is in the aggressive cost management regarding the BOM (Bill of Materials). Profits are slim on this kind of devices, even if there is Microsoft and/or Intel subsidizing the retail price.


Indeed, once again the accountants call the shots. The curse of innovation :unamused:


I joined just to say thanks for this, after weeks of trying, writing to the Microsoft Community and to the Linx Manufacturers. Your simple instructions for the rotation of my wife’s Linx 8 WORKED.

Thank you so much. . .
I hope in the future as a member I can contribute to this excellent resource.


Thanks, I am glad it worked! :clap: If you wish to contribute, we are short on active writers - anything technology related goes.


Thank you, I’m a semi-retired CompTIA Tech so I’ll have look around and if there’s something I can help with, or something your community might find useful ye are more than welcome. I’ve posted to the Microsoft Community site with credits back to here and links to this post, That’s of course if you don’t mind. And Thanks again guys.


So recently I wanted to try casting my PC to the linx tablet to use it as a very cheap small second screen. You can actually do that with the “Connect” thing in W10. To my dismay (as it was my first time using such technology), it is a wifi point to point connection - rather than something that relies on networking, therefore I would need a wifi usb dongle for my PC. I did get one for testing purposes but for some reason, even though I have everything configured properly on both my PC and my linx, it is only the linx that sees the PC (and allows me to cast to its screen), not vice-versa.

This completely defeats the purpose. Neither the app nor any of the settings complain about this, and the Connect app (when running on my linx) says that it is ready to accept wireless connections.

Has anyone tried this with theirs? Can you confirm that linx’s integrated wifi cannot be used to receive miracast? (which is a shame :frowning: I thought I found a cool use for the linx which is a bit outside the scope)


Well that’s a blooming nuisance - the display on my Linx 10 has given up. It no longer displays proper colours, looking instead like a pastel, impressionist view. I initially thought it might be a driver issue but it is like it in the bios/UEFI screen too. Either the screen or the graphics chip has failed i think. It happened suddenly while I was using the tablet a couple of days ago. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling the driver, and I’ve reset the device but to no avail, so I’ll be contacting the suppliers on Monday morning to get it fixed/replaced as I’ve only had it since July.


Sounds like a fault somewhere along the signal path. Good that you are still on warrantly.

I have not used my Linx 7 in ages. Been thinking about clean installing it with latest Windows 10, but haven’t yet found the time for the task.


Apparently l’m not. It was a refurb so Linx won’t have it as it’s not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and Ebuyer are saying they won’t accept it as a return as it is just 13 days out of their 90 day warranty. I’m ot happy and I’ve sent a (polite) email to their managing director to say as much. We’ll see what they do about it.


Hooray, they’ve agreed to take it back and fix or replace it.


Replacement Linx 10 on it’s way from Ebuyer.


Accidently bumped into something interesting for Linx 7 and several other Windows tablets based on the Intel’s Atom Z3735 SoC. These devices have a nasty habbit of losing WiFi during sleep mode, and not easily reconnecting.

I have not yet verified this, but what one can try is under Device Management -> Realtek Bluetooth UART Bus Driver there is a power saving option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Untick this option and your WiFi might work better and not die during sleep.

The logic here is that the Bluetooth and WiFi are apparently provided by a single component, so the settings of one will affect the other.


That was what Captech told me - look in this thread March 16, 2016 post 60 of 118. That’s also why the battery didn’t last long enough during download - when waiting for response it went into sleepmode and never woke up again. RIP

Kind regards LarsN


By the way - after the last big update - it was the same story again. Not enough space to update.
It really was like getting a bucket of water thrown at me since I thought that luring the W10 into the Lamina7 would have solved the future problems.Anticipating many hours of work I did put it aside.
and since then it just collected dust.
Do you think that moving the program files-lib and programs-lib to the SD-card and make a junction command would free the 3 GB needed on C: to go enable the update?
I never done this before so where could i study the subject better. On the microsoft help pages it is really difficult to grasp whether a command is supported on windows 10 or not.
Kind regards