Linx and Lamina 7/8/10" tablet owners thread - drivers included!


How much space would Disk cleanup release, or CCleaner maybe?


only 115 Mb. even if I choose the SD-card as alternative drive for Installation it reduces the space required from 5Gb to appr. 2,5 Gb on C:
So I am stuck again. :frowning:


Personally I am giving up on my Lamina. It is pretty much useless on Windows 10, and I have no special use for it.


Word up Linx guys! I was just about to throw this tablet as far as it flies, but then I discovered this. Check it out and join the testing:


Lamina 7, windows 8.1, 16GB with 7 GB free (after 8.1 restore) on C: + 4 GB recovery partition
Upgrade to windows 10 Fall Creators (keep all settings option & do NOT look for updates before installing)

Used USB OTG hub with 1x USB stick with Fall Creators Update install 1x USB stick 32GB for temp storage.
Initially Creators Update complained, not enough storage, selected USB stick 32GB and install continued.
At around 70% install progress battery flat/died, recharged for an hour then rebooted and install continued in recovery mode and finished normally. Screen rotation works, no need to reinstall drivers.

Windows 10, free on C: 5 GB and some 6 GB taken by the windows old folder (before running windows update)

4Gb recovery partition is gone (selected no such option to delete it), space been added to C:
The 32 GB stick holds a win 8.1 recovery and all the 8.1 drivers!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’ve just spent nearly a week trying to rebuild my Linx 8 Windows 10 environment, and within 2 hours of finding this thread it’s as good as new (if not better!)

I’m so grateful to you.


Thank you for your description.
Lamina has 16 GB C:drive
Next time you will have a windows 10 installed that needs to be upgraded - like the relaese at the beginning of this year. My problem is that even if I chose other usb-drive it still needs free 4 GB recovery parttition? on C: which is not available due to the size of windows 10!
Please let me now if you were able to upgrade after the next release. The comment from another user concerns a Lamina 8 which has 32GB sized C:drive which is why he has much more playground.
Really look forward to share youre experience.
Kind regards LarsN