MakeMKV, a Blu-Ray and DVD ripper (Windows, Linux, OSX)

I am a big fan of software solutions that do one thing right. MakeMKV fits this description perfectly in the art of ripping video discs to your computer.

The MakeMKV rips your video discs on your computer’s hard drive as MKV files. The beauty of the process is that it does not re-encode the audio or video tracks, but only wraps them into the versatile MKV (Matroska) container format. This means that the process is fast and the quality is identical to the original video and audio tracks - there is absolutely no loss of quality. MKV files can store multiple audio tracks, like different languages, keeping everything in a single file. Playback support is good as for example VLC media player has great support of MKV files on PC and Android devices.

The user interface and flow of the ripping process is well thought and simple. MakeMKV scans your disc, after which you will choose the titles and tracks to include in your copy. This way you can leave out promotional materials and extras to save space. MakeMKV supports most copy protections, but unfortunately it seems to have issues with certain advanced DVD protection schemes. I don’t have a BD-drive handy, so I cannot comment how well does it handle Blu-ray discs, but according to website documentation the level of support is good.

The MakeMKV is available for Windows, Linux and Apple OSX and is currently offered as freeware, with optional development support payment. The freeware version comes with full features and unlimited functionality for BDs and DVDs.

Download from MakeMKV website and happy ripping!

I tryed this program out but it didn’t convert my blueray to .mkv it just took all the data and files and copied them to my computer.