OneDrive is downsizing to 5GB - try hubiC as a replacement!


Microsoft is once again pissing on their loyal users and downsizing the OneDrive free plan to 5GB capacity in July 2016. This is very typical strategy by Microsoft - create a nice and useful service that people actually enjoy only to cripple it later and try to lure in users to their paid plans. They also used to give you a bonus if you enable automatic camera roll updates for an Android or iOS device, but also these bonuses are about to get cancelled - everyone drops to 5GB.

This is a problem who has been a Microsoft loyalist and used the service for years - for example I have about 8GB’s worth of photos that I have been shooting ever since the first Lumia devices, and I really like it as the way do document personal history. Luckily there is a viable alternatice on the market.

####Meet hubiC

HubiC is a cloud storage service operated by OVH, the 3rd largest virtual cloud server provider globally. They have a very competitive entry level free offering:

  • 25GB of free storage.
  • Additional +5GB is you register via our referral link: click here!
  • They support Windows, Mac OSX and Linux personal computers.
  • On the mobile they support iOS, Androind and Windows Phone
    • The client software has the ability to automatically upload all your photos as you shoot.

All all platforms the hubiC offers a rather basic, even somewhat spartan user experience. It is a basic file synchronization and backup service with excellent operating system support and backed by the infrastructure of a large cloud provider. Some people may find it appealing that OVH and hubiC are French, so the servers are not at least directly tapped to NSA or other US authorities.

Their paid offerings are dirt cheap. For example, you get 100GB storage for 1€ per month, or 10€ per year! And get this - their 10 terabyte plan is only 5€ per month or 50€ annually :astonished:.

HubiC is definitely worth checking out - click here for your free 30GB account.


So far, I like the service, however the upload/download/operation speeds seem somewhat lacking (such as deleting a file, takes like 5 seconds per file, upload max 5Mbit/s). Not sure if this is because of the web interface, but considering the severs are in France, it should be faster.