Open source tools published to disable Windows 10 tracking

Well, it did not take long. Windows 10 has been out about a week, and the concerns about privacy have emerged even in the main stream media. And now, naturally, open source tools have been published to GitHub for disabling the tracking features of Windows 10, presumably enhancing the operating systems privacy.

it’s fact that Windows 10 likes to call home more than E.T… It is debatable whether this is necessarily a bad thing. Microsoft is dealing with a massively fragmented hardware ecosystem and advanced telemetry and crash statistics are probably the best way to manage it, which could ultimately result in better OS stability and user experience. On the flip side of the coin is the theory that if something is free, then you are the product - meaning that Microsoft’s intentions would in monetizing the gathered data by targeted advertising and providing it to third parties.

But Windows Disable Tracking Tool comes to the rescue, offering a simple GUI for disabling the tracking services. There is also another Powershell driven tool Debloat Windows 10, with a very similar purpose. NOTE: These projects are very young and in their first stages of development.

Microsoft deserves credit for one thing - if disabling tracking is only a matter of disabling services, then at least they left these features out in the open, instead of hiding them deep in the OS.

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