Running Linux on the Surface Pro 3


Which kernel version you are using? Have you tried switching to most recent, using Manjaro settings manager?


I started with 4.9.50 then updated to 4.13.3. Same behavior on both.



I’ve been using Linux on several computers, but some years ago now and am now considering installing it on my Surface Pro 3 which should work fine now. However I’ve seen quite a few posts, though older ones, about problems getting dual booting to work. Is this still an issue with the latest versions of Fedora/Ubuntu/Manjaro?
And which would work best out of the box now? I did use Ubuntu back in the day…


Dual booting has been painless for a while now.
Any distro with an up to date kernel is very likely to work flawlessly.
I’m currently running NixOS and everything works out of the box. Had a similar experience with Fedora a while back.


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is just out, so that should be a solid option.


I did install it and it’s actually worked so well I’ve switched to using it on my surface on a daily basis, with Windows 10 just a backup in case.


I would like to share this:
Pretty much everything works including pen and wireless card


OpenSUSE Tumbleweed on Surface Pro 3