Admin's logbook

  • Discourse installed, site going online. Lots of development needed.
  • Twitter authentication now in place.
  • Facebook authentication in place.
  • Google authentication added
  • Cloudflare setup activated on this site, to give our tiny server some extra push. Hopefully it does not break anything.
  • Experimented with various different color schemes - it is surprisingly difficult to choose! If there was any users, then I could ask for some feedback, hoho! But first I really need to decide on the colors, after which a new logo would be in order.
  • I am going to stick with the vanilla Discourse theme for the time being. The platform is still under very active development, and new features are rolling in constantly that significantly alter the visual aspects of the site. There for it is impossible to settle for a customized theme or a color template just yet. Expect Discourse 1.3 any moment, with upgraded visuals.
  • Discourse major version update 1.3.1. Avatars are now round, and all kinds of tweaks here and there.
  • Turns out I made a very stupid mistake when installing the server, so I had to do it again from scratch. Luckily Discourse is easy to install and seems to have a solid backup-restore. Site’s IP address has changed though. Hopefully everything still works as before.
  • Discourse updated to 1.3.2
  • Discourse updated to 1.3.3

  • In addition, our performance comparison of Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome got some serious attention at Hacker News, which caused a significant spike in site traffic.

  • Discourse updated to 1.3.4

Bit of back-end maintenance and updates. Users may have observed a short downtime.

Logo coming up! Perhaps bit of modifications still needed. Also great to see that we are finally getting some user interactions. This site does not intend to be a blog, but a community for everyone tech minded.

Well, there we go with the logo. I like the emphasis on “ReWritable” - it honors the heritage of the site, while being applicable to new/current format of the site.

Discourse update to 1.35. Also experimenting with AdSense. Yeah, too bad, but gotta pay the server bills.

Sorry folks, I had to develop a cookie content scheme in order to comply with the regulations of European Union and the policies of Google, Inc.

Major update to Discourse v1.4

Disourse updated to 1.4.3 and also some minor tweaks to the back-end.

I have been very happy to notice that we have finally attracted some active members, driven by the Windows tablet enthusiasts. I am a Linux die hard, but hey - everyone is welcome and indeed those devices are interesting :relaxed:. Keep the posts coming and remember that we are not focused or restricted to any specific topic. Anything that touches the field of ICT and tickles the brain is good!

Major platform update, as we just started tracking the Discourse Beta branch, and therefore upgraded to v1.5 beta. This should bring us lot of improvements and fixes, but there is also some potential for bugs.

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